388 Series 4 Wheel Battery Electric Forklift 3.5 to 5 Tonne

388 Series 4 Wheel Battery Electric Forklift 3.5 to 5 Tonne  These high capacity, heavy-duty electric trucks are designed to provide optimum versatility in applications requiring heavy loads to be handled both inside and outside. Equally at home moving palletised or palletless loads using specialised attachments, these high performance trucks carry out any task with impressive efficiency and precision. Fitted with large capacity batteries the truck will keep on working through long, demanding shifts, only needing to stop for the operator‘s natural breaks. The operator sits in splendid comfort in the spacious, hydraullically cushioned cab fitted with a comfort-class seat and all controls located for effortless, intuitive use. Employing energy-efficient Linde truck control technology, the output of the powerful, high torque drive motor, together with the unique Linde twin accelerator pedal system translates into unsurpassed, precision load handling. The Linde twin pedal accelerator system actuates regenerative electric braking as either pedal is released and also enables rapid and safe travel direction changes for busy shunting duties. The perfect interface between operator and truck has been achieved to ensure consistently high efficiency and productivity levels to optimise the return on the customer‘s investment in the equipment.
  • Safety

    High-level engineering, high-grade construction. These fork-lifts are designed and built for tough duty. The operator retains precise control of the truck at all times with three independent braking systems and anti-kick hydraulic power steering.

  • Performance

    The powerful 12.5 kW tractor motor enables the operator to turn the truck’s vast potential into utmost productivity on the job. All mast and auxiliary hydraulics functions are controlled effortlessly with the central control lever..

  • Comfort

    Man and machine are perfectly interfaced on these high-capacity forklifts. Intuitive operation without any need to shift hands from the steering wheel or control levers or switch feet between pedals means that the operator can concentrate wholly on the essentials: basic for fast, stress-free working..

  • Reliability

    Well proven in demanding, heavy duty applications. Designed using computerised stress analysis. Optimum structural integrity, stability and durability is assured.

  • Productivity

    Effective and cost efficient at work. Linde electric forklifts are equipped with the Linde Digital Control (LDC) system, which achieves driving characteristics very similar to hydrostatic-drive trucks. As a result, productivity is enhanced and energy consumption stays low. A fault diagnosis system reduces time and expense for maintenance..3

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E35_50-388 Series Linde 4 Wheel Forklift


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