387 Series Linde 4 Wheel Battery Electric Forklift 2 to 3.5 Tonne

387 Series Linde 4 Wheel Battery Electric Forklift 2 to 3.5 Tonne  With its unique Linde combi steer axle, this popular and well proven series provides the versatility and outstanding manoeuvrability to operate both inside and outside to carry out a hugely variable range of tasks in every conceivable type of industrial application. The combi steer axle enables this four wheeled truck to operate in aisles normally the preserve of three wheelers since the steering angle of this outstanding design concept enables the truck to turn on the spot around its front axle. Another valuable benefit is the tilting cabin which allows wide, easy access from either side to the battery and components making battery changing a simple routine and service intervals are minimised. The spacious, comfortable and superbly functional operator‘s compartment provides a truly functional interface between operator and truck. This combines with powerful, high torque twin drive motors to deliver impressive cost-effective efficiency and productivity.
  • Safety

    Outstanding manoeuvrability.With its unique, patented Linde combi-steer axle and rugged profiled chassis, these versatile high performance forklifts combine exceptional stability characteristics with impressive manoeuvrability for safe, precision load handling in a wide variety of intensive applications.

  • Performance

    Powerful twin drive motors combined with the intuitive fingertip, joystick Linde Load Control system enable the operator to translate the trucks impressive performance capabilities into unsurpassed efficiency and productivity.

  • Comfort

    Consistently high levels of performance and efficiency for extended periods is only possible it the operator is comfortable. The ergonomic layout of the controls, the adjustability of the armrest and the seat, Linde Load Control, and twin accelerator pedals provide the best possible intuitive interface between the operator and truck.

  • Reliability

    Electric forklifts depend on reliable electronics. The Linde Digital Control system provides a high level of reliability with its dual circuit monitoring system and sealed aluminium housing, which provides total protection for the electronics from the ingress of dust and moisture. Linde Digital Control enables the performance parameters to be adjusted to suit individual application requirements.

  • Productivity

    Effective and cost-efficient at work. Battery change completed in record time in one easy motion thanks to the tilting cab. Minimal downtime is an added benefit of this convenient access. Time for battery maintenance is reduced to mere minutes.3

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E20_35-387 Series Linde 4 wheel forklift
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