1401 Series 10 to 18 Tonne Diesel Forklifts

1401 Series 10 to 18 Tonne Internal Combustion Forklift  The impressive Linde 10 to 18 tonne heavy truck range now incorporates the world renowned Linde high precision hydrostatic drive train that operates without gearbox, clutch, differential or conventional brakes. The potent combination of Linde hydrostatic transmission and an advanced high torque diesel engine as well as Linde twin accelerator pedals, provides seamless control of forward reverse travel and load handling cycles to make this the most nimble and responsive heavy truck in its class. The modular design of the main structures results in a more compact truck for excellent manoeuvrability and versatility. With its panoramic mast, and superbly spacious, cushioned cab featuring a wrap-around front screen for outstanding visibility and an intuitive, functional control layout, the operator’s working environment is unsurpassed. Designed for both palletised and pallet less heavy load handling including empty container handling, these highly adaptable and rugged trucks offer the ideal solution in a wide range of heavy industrial applications.

  • Safety

    Impressive manoeuvrability and safe, precise load handling even in confined areas is ensured by the optimum forward position of the cabin for excellent visibility through the panoramic mast to the fork tips and load. Superb all-round visibility is provided by the cabins wraparound front screen, large side windows and glass top panel. The operator is able to work with assured confidence and efficiency, with everything safely in view.

  • Performance

    This superb heavy truck benefits from the potent combination of Linde hydrostatic transmission and an advanced high torque diesel engine together with a truly exceptional operator/truck interface. The result is unsurpassed, precision load handling and productivity as well as seamless acceleration and travel. However tough the task, this outstanding truck completes it with impressive cost-effective efficiency and safety.

  • Comfort

    The spacious, tilting operator’s cabin is cushioned by heavy duty resilient rubber mountings. Operational and surface vibrations are absorbed and isolated from the cabin to create a stress-free working environment. A comfort-class seat and ergonomic controls also enhance the excellent operator/truck interface.

  • Reliability

    Built to last: Linde forklifts are constructed to undertake sustained heavy-duty tasks in their stride. The enclosed robot-welded chassis is designed for maximum strength and durability. The rugged construction and quality components together with endurance testing, ensures long life and consistent reliability.

  • Productivity

    This superb range is fitted with the world leading Linde hydrostatic drive system which requires no differential, no conventional service brake no gear box and no clutch. Infinitely variable speed control, Linde twin accelerator pedals, and fingertip joystick controls enable the operator to sustain high productivity levels with minimal physical input for fatigue-free working..3

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1401 Diesel Forklift

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